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"Words do not begin to describe how Rhea Light has touched my soul. She is a wonderful facilitator and continues to inspire me to love and respect myself as well as remain in a playful and uplifted spirit. Rhea combines a subtle and practical approach to healing. I would happily recommend her to anyone who is serious in their self inquiry and journey towards holistic healing and mental health. Her chosen modalities for healing have proven to be the most effective for me, personally. As a breath facilitator Rhea is gentle yet confident, providing a wonderful opening and release of that which no longer serves the highest aspects of our being. This breath modality aids in the release of physical toxins, blocks within the physical, mental, subtle, and emotional bodies and can be a great tool for post traumatic stress disorders and trauma care. Furthermore, Rhea is a world class Emotional Freedom Technique facilitator. This modality has been a saving grace and true catalyst to my authentic self expression and self healing. Every session with Rhea has helped in the rehabilitation of years of my emotional content and has further inspired me to use these tools throughout my daily life and Sadhana. Well done Rhea!"

- Evelyn Wallace, Vancouver, B.C.

"Before even meeting Rhea, I felt supported and comfortable with her over email correspondence and when we finally met for a breathwork session she hugged me as if we were long time friends. The space she held for the session felt comfortable and open and I felt supported the entire time. I had an intense experience and Rhea stayed with me while I worked through it and really offered some kind and loving words helping me to release stuck energy and let go, to surrender. After the session, she told me to contact her if anything came up, anything at all and although I didn't reach out, I felt completely comfortable doing so if I needed it and I felt her genuinely caring about me and all others in the room. She really holds space so well and has a lot of skill to help you through tough times and stuck energy. Thank you Rhea at blessed rebirth for your support and I look forward to another session soon! -namaste-"

- Jules Kandah Carpenter, Grass Valley, CA

"I was going through a breakup, and seem to not be able to get over a blockage of attachment. Reah came over just around sunset with her beautiful drum we sat down and begin to breathe. The amount of blockages I was able to let go of was unparallel to any medicine or tea or Workshop I'd have ever gone to. She was able to hold space so that I felt safe, and guide me in such a way to move past any resistance of breath that I had. At the end of the session I felt more than rebirthed I felt infinite. The breath is incredibly powerful everyone and anyone can do it, I highly suggest Rhea for holding the space for you. She truly cares and comes from a sovereign neutral space without any judgment or agenda. Give yourself some love and have her over for a ceremony it will refresh your spirit!"

- Jenna Crowley, Nevada City, CA

"Rhea is a gifted healer. She loves deeply and unconditionally and that loving awareness is truly reflected in her practice. When I first met Rhea, I knew very little about the healing modalities of EFT and breathwork. In ways I never imagined possible, through sessions with Rhea, I was able to cultivate a deeper connection to and awareness of self. She helps you to deconstruct your limiting beliefs and empowers you to live your truth and activate your fullest potential. As you take this journey through soul, she holds space in the most beautiful way. She patiently and thoroughly explains the process and fully supports you in every step of your journey. After any session, she continues to provide the most caring support with any questions or thoughts that may arise in your process. I simply cannot say enough about this kind, compassionate soul. If your intuition has brought you here, allow yourself to open up and listen to your heart so that you too may begin writing your own story."

- Alicia Faris, Piedmont, CA

When I met Rhea, engaging and charismatic, connecting with members of my community. We wound up sharing a ride to a shower-house at an event. While on the ride, her Breath Wave work came up. She offered to hold a session for my Reiki Master and I, atop a mountain canyon behind the event. What followed was nothing short of spectacular. I saw and felt things that I thought only possible when altered. With breath alone, an adhesion in my calf muscles tore open like I was getting a deep tissue massage, and adjusted itself. It was surprisingly painful, but my leg has worked better for it ever since.
My vision and my mind went into a semi-fractalized state and I could see geometrical grids on everything around me and in the sky. I worked with it on my own for a while after, but nothing was quite as powerful as having Rhea hold space and guide the experience.
All that aside, she's one of the warmest, sweetest, most encouraging people I've ever met. If there were a best-person of the year award, I would have nominated her the years I got a chance to spend time with her.

-Kyle Vincent Valentine, Las Vegas, NV

"Rhea led an introductory breathwork session for a small group of women that was powerful and accessible. I was new to this practice and within a short period of time I witnessed strong physical and energetic shifts. Afterwards, I felt light and extraordinarily clear headed. I look forward to exploring this modality more with Rhea's able guidance. Rhea embodies all the qualities of a healer: she listens deeply, observes carefully, holds space skillfully, and is intelligent and intuitive."

- Alissa Link, Denver, CO

Rhea is a beautiful, nurturing, space holder who has helped me find new & uncharted parts of myself. She has held space for me during sessions in a way I could explore, express & understand myself on a deeper level which ultimately have led to healing & transformation. I have had some of the biggest energetic releases of my life thus far in her presence 💓
Thank you!!!
I highly recommend the work she is doing with eft & breathwork.

- rhiannon Mellis, Vancouver, B.C.

I would love to share that my experiences with Rhea at breathwave have been incredibly powerful. Dropping into full trust in the body’s capacity to breath and merge with unity consciousness. Last night a dissolving of Maya (illusion) ... though not a permanent state of remembrance, the experiences bring me greater faith in my existence. Sometimes meeting resistance of physical, mental or emotional blockages... and the subtle shift that occurs when focused on intention is so beautiful. Words really cannot describe and the effects are present ongoing! Quantum healing through our own simple trust in and practice of this breath... really wow we are amazing creatures. I’d liken some of my experiences to Bufo/Toad or the pure consciousness of surrender with Aya.

- Neema Star Ponton, Grass Valley, CA.

I was a skeptic when it came to breathwork and tapping before experiencing a healing from Rhea. Now, I am a true believer in its ability to heal past traumas, rewire neural networks and identify buried truths. Rhea's ability to guide me through the tapping process from the privacy of my home made the process less intimidating. I felt comfortable and at ease throughout. The most incredible part was how Rhea guided me to question long held beliefs about myself and listen to my own whispering intuition. It was her words and wisdom, in conjunction with the tapping, that made the experience so powerful. She is able to literally tap into what needs healing. In just one session I felt a tremendous release of emotion and connected to a deeper self. Rhea is an authentic spiritual leader in the conscious community and someone who will change the world as she continues to heal it. 

- Dana Freedman, Miami, FL

I feel lucky to have connected with you and I also must tell you that things are integrating so wonderfully for me!! I still have a sense of excitement and optimism and energy kind of beaming out of me! it's unreal.

and there's been a few times where I've had to pause and reset myself but it has given me so many more tools to feel my emotional power and navigate other peoples! it's kind of mind blowing that tapping can literally shake things which I've clung to SO tightly. I think it's actually loosening from where those beliefs had been embedded.

-Christopher Bradley, London, UK


Recently I had the absolute privilege of receiving a deeply healing session from this beautiful sister. Rhea is an advanced facilitater of of EFT (emotional freedom technique) tapping and concious connected breathing. In my experience these two healing modalities combined are so very potent. In our session I was able to really feel my triggers without resistance and let them move without judgement. Rhea holds space for you in a way that feels so safe and full of unconditional love. For me it was like being held by my own mother. In a relatively short amount of time I was able to localize my triggers to exact moments from my past that were traumatizing and still stored as dense energy in my body. It was amazing to experience more space and freedom in my body as we moved through all that was surfacing to be healed. Although at first the emotions felt heavy, it was magical to feel how quickly it released. In this process Rhea has this way of being so centered with you in the intensity as well as light hearted and funny throughout it all. I remember great moments of heavy crying and then a second later hysterically laughing. After the EFT tapping I felt deep peace, joy, acceptance, and immense gratitude in contrast to the frustration, agitation, and anger I was feeling as we began. To complete the session we dropped in to a concious connected breathing flow and it was the perfect way to integrate the whole experience. I truly believe that what transpired in our session was probably equivalent to years of therapy. The key is that we don't just keep talking about our stories and playing the victim, but to take responsibility for our well being and allow ourselves to feel so we can heal. Words can only go so far as to describe the depth of this really have to experience it for yourself. Rhea is such a bright light in this world and her offerings are so needed at this time in existence. Thank you for all that you are Rhea. Thank you for holding me in such sweet love and care. You are incredible!

Eden Balaban,  Toronto, ON

When I came to Rhea, I needed help. I needed someone to pull me out of the thicket of darkness I'd formed around myself. I was so disassociated and scared for my life vibration. Within the first session over zoom I knew I'd found a beacon. A beacon for myself but also the beacon inside that was always there. The work was powerful, potent and life changing. Within 5 sessions I was catapulted deep within. It's like she opened my third eye, stepped inside the file cabinet of my mind and helped me quantum leap back thru the times of trauma so I could have a voice in those moments. So when I felt defeated in present situations I could find the little girl inside and keep her safe, so I felt safe. Words will never cover the gratitude for how she held space, her intuitiveness on walking me thru the sessions and how present she was for integration. Thank you doesn't cover it.

- Kristin Berry, Grass Valley, CA

Rhea''s guidance, immaculate ability of deep presence, undivided attention, choices of words, holding a space of no-judgement, the oozing vibration of the genuine passion she carries for her work is the deepest support one can truly receive. Her consistent and gentle follow ups and reminders as well as keeping track with what's been shared has made my journey of healing with her incredibly powerful. I have felt Rhea's careful and caring intention in each session and step and in all the times in between, holding me and our process together in a safe and trusting light. Appreciate her work and how she shows up in the world beautifully.

-Tutku Tezveren, Nevada City, CA

The following is from a 52 year old male, stubborn, hard to deal with, control freak, former NAVSPECWAR operator, father of five, businesses owner and completely void of God or any spiritually until I met this wonderful gift of a professional. She is responsible for changes that weren’t possible or probable. LIFE GIVING CHANGES, that have allowed pursuit of serenity, faith, trust, and compassion that encouraged this guy to live life, not just survive another day. I am eternally grateful, will spend the rest of my days performing the art I was introduced and will yell it from the rooftops of life, that peace, self change and a spirit is with us all. Love yourself, there is no one else better to be!

-Richard Clausen, Asheville, NC

I came to Rhea after a breakup. I was ready and eager to find myself in this breakup, to find myself in the breakdown of the relationship. To find myself. I am a woman in my late 40s and have been in many love relationships and I knew I needed a strong mirror to see and deep well to dive into. I knew within me were the answers to finding lasting love. Rhea helped me dive, Rhea helped me see. Deep inside my experience of this life I found keys to the patterns that I could easily point to in the breakdown of my love relationships. I found timelessness, I found self love, I found faith, I found desire to listen to me, and to voice me, even when messy and scared. I trust Rhea with my most precious. I wish for us all to have such support.

-Sukita Crimmel, Portland, OR

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