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Breathwave is a unique style of breathwork that offers a more gentle approach to Connected Breathing. Though catharsis is natural in the process, the focus is more on integration rather than activation.


You will experience a deeper level of peace and higher awareness through this simple tool...

Some benefits of breathwork include:

- Alkalizes your system and oxygenates your cells

- Activates the para-sympathetic nervous system and integrates a calm response in your body

- Reduces stress

- Massages the internal organs through deep diaphragmatic breathing

- Detoxifies the body

- Instills clarity

- Clears resistance patterns

- Connects the breather to a higher power

- Integrates past life traumas

- Generates catharsis

Each person's breath pattern is unique and connects to their own life experience. By opening the breath up where it once was constricted we begin to heal our bodies as well as the patterns in our lives.

This is something i like to refer to as the language of the breath. It is subtle but when one begins to decipher its insights, the breath offers a wealth of wisdom with endless pages to turn, No two sessions with the  breath are the same so it is a great teacher for those willing to listen.

Together we will examine your breath pattern and explore ways in which the breath would like to open and flow more freely in the body. 

Using a more gentle approach, with the Breathwave method we invite you to take the "work" out of breathwork. Retraining the nervous system to relax and surrendering to what is, trusting what's to come.

The technique is simple but very powerful, it is common to experience powerful visions, insights and a deep catharsis.

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