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Breathwave Level 1:
The Self-Healing Path


This intensive, 50-hour training includes:

TWO full breath sessions daily, yoga/movement, EFT, group council, personal inquiry to develop goals and intentions, nourishing organic cuisine, river and waterfall access and the following experiential training to develop your own personal practice and journey deep with this profound technique alone.


Foundational Breathwork theory, philosophy, and techniques, including experiential education in:
* The technique of conscious, connected breathing
* Related breathing techniques that support and complement conscious, connected breathing
* Reading your body and breath
* Developing the ability to perceive the imbalances/"story" in the body and breath
* Inquiry
* Toning, releasing movements, and body repositioning
* Use of intention, invocation, and themes
* Sound healing - the power of our own voice and using music
* A ceremonial approach to sacred space
* Collaborating with other modalities

* A grounded and safe baseline for you to work with this modality

* The importance and helpful keys to self-practice

 "I saw and felt things that I thought only possible when altered."
- Kyle Valentine, Las Vegas, NV

Interested in living your full potential?

Interested in offering Conscious, Connected Breathwork sessions in your community?

This full, experiential training will provide you with the healing, knowledge and experience to get you started.

in this transformational training, you will learn about your individual breath pattern and receive a deep dive into this powerful technique.

Through the expansion of your breath you can expect a drastic transformation  clear fundamental blockages in your relationship to life as it translates in your breath and leave with the confidence to work with this modality on your own.

Re-discover yourself again and lean into a sense of common-unity.


***Space is limited***

"I truly believe what transpired in our session was equivalent to years of therapy."
- Eden Balaban, Vancouver, Canada

accommodation in a beautiful sanctuary

enjoy all the comforts and amenities of the 'bliss house' sanctuary. Feel at home in this intentionally curated space.


ceremony and thoughtful nourishment

Awaken at the center of the spiral in this ceremonial container. 

Feel yourself deeply nourished through a carefully curated (to your dietary needs) organic menu to reinvigorate your body on the physical level.


immersion in/back to our true nature 

Serenity and seclusion offer the perfect getaway in this beautiful home nestled on 63 acres of land.  Enjoy dips in fresh roaring streams, walks in nature and crisp mountain air to support your transformation.

"The (Breathwave) experiences bring me greater faith in my existence."
- Neema Star Ponton, Nevada City, CA

If you could spend one week and feel transformed would you invest in that possibility knowing you'd have this tool for the rest of your life?


It's not about healing, it's about re-membering that we are whole once more.

How to register:

Space is limited and on a first come first serve basis.

Please sign up below to be wait-listed for next training.

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